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EFT-Matrix Reimprinting and Deepak Chopra’s insight that Fat Friends can make you Fatter

by Caryl Westmore

Fat friends make you fatter

There is a connection between EFT-Matrix Reimprinting and Deepak Chopra's insight that Fat Friends can make you Fatter.

It’s not so much about the eating and drinking making you fat – rather it’s about the FIELD you are connecting into.

Based on quantum science theory, in Matrix Reimprinting we refer to the “field” or matrix built from all our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. These may come from parents, society, church but also ancestral patterns and universal beliefs we buy into.

Deepak Chopra says that  “consciousness is a field” and associating with fat friends – who have fat friends (who you may not even know) impacts your field of consciousness.

Similarly associating with happy friends connected to happy friends (who you may not even know) will build more happiness because you are tapping into their happy field.

Our field affects how we attract  new friends, business partners, networks.

EFT-Matrix Reimprinting clears negative beliefs and traumas from the energy field so we can clear these fields and set up new fields of happiness, prosperity and slim trim health.

Does that mean you must ditch your fat friends to get thinner?

You decide – at least remove yourself from invitations likely to involve eating and drinking to excess with them.

Also remember that addicts in the 12 Step Programs have to leave their old drinking/drugging buddies behind and enter the support field of the program and make new friends.

Start by hanging out with some thinner friends who like to eat healthily and play sports. Try it and let me know how it works!


World Tapping Summit 2012: PAIN Relief with EFT (Day 2 Review)

by Caryl Westmore

World Tapping Summit 2012: Pain Relief with EFT (Day 2 Review)

EFT heals pain: Nick Ortner

Nick Ortner EFT for Pain

Shocking Facts about Pain

Interviewer Jessica Ortner began the session on Day 2’s World Tapping Summit 2012:Pain Relief with EFT with some shocking facts: More Americans suffer from pain than diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined – an estimated 76 million Americans annually report pain of more than 24 hours duration.

Nick tells of three people who appeared in the movie The Tapping Solution, all suffering chronic pain – back pain and migraines. All had remarkable healing shifts to become pain free thanks to EFT applied over a period of several days.

My most powerful take-outs from Nick Ortner’s World Tapping Summit 2012: Pain relief with EFT session:

Tapping on Pain using the Tapping Tree

Nick referred to EFT Master and coach Lindsay Kenny’s concept of the Tapping Tree as useful when tackling a case of pain using EFT.  Delve into the issues surrounding a trauma or pain by tackling each part of the “tree”.


Leaves: Symptoms

Branches: Emotions

Trunk: Events

Roots: Limiting Beliefs

Write down a list of all the things in each section and tap on them.

Examples given: the belief that the pain will get worse because the doctor said so…what you read on the internet – these can be major contributors to the pain.

Patricia in the movie The Tapping Solution shifted her back pain when she tapped on the shock of the diagnosis and what the doctor had told her – like you’ll never do yoga again.  When she cleared these memories and beliefs she permanently shifted all the pain in her back.

Eventually she went off 4-5 pain medications…6 months later pain free.

Emotions like Anger in the Pain

Ask: If this pain was an emotion, what would it be?

When did the pain first start – what was going on in your life at the time?

Does this pain represent someone? Who is the pain in your neck?

Who comes to mind when you feel the pain?

How do you feel about the pain – eg it keeps me stuck

How do you feel about yourself with this pain? My fault…etc

What does this pain say about who you are? eg shows I’m weak or frail

Who would you be without this pain? What’s the downside/upside of this pain? Is there a benefit to this pain?

Does this pain have a message for you?  eg To slow down

Describe the pain – quality, texture, colour or size

Write things down…then tap.

Final advice given by Ortner is to tackle all aspects as described above when tapping for pain.

One at a time…use intuition – tap on one thing and another will clear…a process…you can get results so quickly. When you get rid of the pain but life continues to happen. It’s a continuing journey.


This World Tapping Summit 2012: Pain Relief with EFT session definitely made a lasting impression on me.

My EFT-Matrix Reimprinting work has generally NOT being about pain and ill-health. Instead I focus on my main strengths of helping clients “get unstuck” with regards to achieving their dreams and goals to live the life they love.

But after listening to Nick Ortner’s session on Pain Relief I can’t wait to offer EFT help to the next friends and colleagues who may be suffering pain.. starting next week with a fellow at my croquet club who is suffering from a painful shoulder which has caused him grief for months. He says it does not seem to get any better, despite cortisone injections. If I can help him and others more effectively it will surely be thanks to Nick Ortner’s session at the World Tapping Summit 2012: Pain Relief with EFT.

2012 TWS Nick Ortner


Learn a Weight Loss Power Word

by Caryl Westmore

Learn a Weight Loss Power Word

Want to learn a  “weight loss power word” to magically help the pounds melt off as you stop overeating and lose interest in fattening foods?

Then sign up for a free webinar HERE with London weight loss expert, Sally Baker, who has helped hundreds of clients to shed weight using her combined skills with EFT, PSTEC and hypnosis. The webinar is Thursday April 26 at 5pm US Eastern Time/ 10pm UK / and will also be available for replay if you miss it.

Here’s what one happy thinner client said about working with Sally who uses life changing finger tapping tools like PSTEC and EFT along with hypnosis to assist clients achieve their natural weight.

‘Working with PSTEC and EFT has changed my life! I’ve lost 7 kilos in 8 weeks, am happier than I have been in a long time and I am taking control of my life at last. I would recommend working this way without hesitation – it has worked for me on so many levels!’
Rhona U.
Starting weight 15st 9lb/219lbs/99kg

Introducing Sally Baker and PSTEC

In this FREE webinar Sally will show you how to take a power word and combine it with PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique), an easy finger tapping energy protocol developed by Tim Phizackerley which is similar – but not the same – as EFT) and use it to switch the patterns in the brain from fearful, fat and hopeless to…empowered, peaceful, controlled about eating healthy.

An overwhelming majority of those struggling with weight issues find that emotional eating, comfort eating, over eating, not exercising and poor self care sabotage their best efforts to get slim, says Sally.

“It’s like there is a switch turned off and they can’t seem to do what they need to do to lose weight… or can’t stop doing the things that keep piling on the weight.

Sally who is in great demand for her specialty of  hypno-gastric band sessions, has a wholistic approach to weight issues as described in her new book Achieve Your Natural Weight, co-written with Liz Hogon.

What’s more, I credit Sally with kick-starting my own amazing weight loss journey a year ago – so far I have shed more than 50 lbs/22.5kg and feel my healthiest – thanks to a low-carb way of eating that bans flour and sugar products and consists of  tons of  fresh vegetables-plus-a-protein meals.

But it all began with self-work using EFT-Matrix Reimprinting PLUS some PSTEC which I discovered was a new finger-tapping protocol to heal trauma and anxiety and help with bulimia and weight loss (among many other appplications).

Working with Sally I discovered and cleared a VOW I had made as a child to use food for comfort and  to pacify my anger at my father in case I hurt him or others.

Once I had this “break-free-aha” with Sally’s help I was able to find and stick to an eating program that was pe

You won’t want to miss out on learning how effective PSTEC is when used for weight loss success – and Sally Baker is happy to explain it all as she shares how you can learn a weight loss power word that has helped Sally’s clients lose weight, reverse diabetes and get slimmer and healthier.