Wayne Dyer Forgiveness Video (+ EFT Tapping): How to Transform Rage and Pain into Love

by Caryl Westmore

Wayne Dyer Forgiveness video describes the powerful combination of EFT tapping and forgiveness to change rage and pain into love and bitterness into freedom in your life.

He is interviewed by Nick Ortner during a World Tapping Summit – the actual interview begins at 1.48 mins into the video.

Why I relate to Wayne Dyer Forgiveness Video

I relate because of how I myself struggled to dissolve the hatred of my own alcoholic father for being a constant disruptive and traumatic figure in my own life growing up. I thought I had totally forgiven him but the real deep letting go and understanding of his love at a soul level finally came through experiencing deep emotional-energy work regarding rescuing my Inner Child from the past traumas –  as we can do with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting.

Wayne Dyer Forgiveness Video

Wayne Dyer video on the power of Forgiveness to change bitterness and pain into love – enhanced by EFT Tapping.

“Everything in my life changed when I got rid of the hatred, the anger, the bitterness, the rage…I can attribute all of that to forgiveness.”

Wayne Dyer, author of more than 40 best-selling books on how to change your life and plus television specials, drove to Biloxi, Mississippi when he was 34 to visit the grave of his father, an alcoholic and abusive man who had abandoned him, his mother and two brothers the day he was born.

Filled with anger and rage at how his father had abandoned his mother and his sons, leaving them to go into foster homes where Wayne had suffered terrible abuse and trauma, he wanted to “piss on his grave”. He also wondered – was he even acknowledged as his father’s son on the death certificate?

Unexpectedly that visit was to change his life forever as described in an interview with Nick Ortner during the 2014 World Tapping Summit - which I refer to as the Wayne Dyer Forgiveness video.

I particularly resonate with Wayne Dyer’s description of aligning with his life purpose once he could forgive and let go.

The final step for me, like Dyer in the Forgiveness video, was to acknowledge with gratitude the gift my father had given me.

Whether you use Tapping – or other forgiveness methods – to let go anger and rage against others – I guarantee this Wayne Dyer Forgiveness Video will enlighten and inspire you.

Particularly if you are feeling STUCK in an area of your life, I urge you to consider where or who YOU need to forgive.


“Beyond Forgiveness” Video – a Story of Healing beyond Color and Creed

by Caryl Westmore

Ginn and Letlapa movie picTeaching the world about true Forgiveness is a story guaranteed to touch your heart from South Africa.

It’s about a white Christian woman Ginn Fourie who found it in herself to forgive the black atheist man Letlapa Mphalele responsible for killing her only daughter.

Both have been victims – and risen above the pain of injustice, horror and personal loss to jointly offer the world a message of hope and redemption.

Their mission today – to spread a message in the world to go beyond injustice and hatred, revenge and war to bring a more humane approach to each other and the world.

I have had the privilege of knowing Ginn through my healing work as a Practitioner of The Journey and EFT-Matrix Reimprinting during the post-apartheid years of 2000 to 2007 and working with many clients in that country affected by trauma, crime and past pain suffered growing up via families, teachers and society.

Like Ginn and Letlapa, I believe that changing the world starts with changing ourselves – a lesson echoed by the amazing teachers with whom I studied over the years – people like Brandon Bays, Byron Katie, Karl Dawson.

Watch the trailer below and see it if reflects something deep in you or your family of origin that needs the power of forgiveness.

You can buy their transformational video to show in groups at Initiatives of Change, a worldwide organization dedicated to peace and justice.


Can EFT Tapping manifest $10 000 in your life?

by Caryl Westmore

Receiving MoneyCan EFT Tapping manifest an”extra” $10 000 or more in your life?

Right now? This month? This year?

I invite you to join in this EFT Tapping game to see if a group of us can together manifest $10 000 joyously and easily.

Remember in The Secret movie how John Assaraf whited out a negative bank balance and replaced with a sum he chose?

Well here’s my true story – a secret I never shared before.

I copy catted his idea to white out my overdraft of ZAR70 000 (about $6000) 15 years ago.

I had no idea where the money would come from but I did lots of EFT Tapping (I was already an EFT Practitioner at the time) and visualized and “nevillized” the end result and how I would feel.

And within a year I woke up one day to realize that a positive amount of ZAR70 000 was indeed sitting pretty in my bank account…waiting to be transferred to a higher interest bearing saving account.

Yes the exact same bank account I still have today.

And I swear on my life it’s forever in a positive abundant cash flow – as I dreamed it would be.

Join me to discover if EFT Tapping can Manifest $10 000 for YOU

By clearing the energy belief blocks and tapping in a powerful message to your subconscious that $10 000 is on its way…you too can expect and attract seemingly magical manifestation of money in your life – and make it more fun to tell the Universe you’d like at least half of it to come from unexpected sources.
Can you be open to be surprised and delighted by the influx of money – manifesting in your life right now?
Starting with a specific amount like $10 000 – or more?

I’m so game to try it the lazy woman’s way – to manifest a tidy sum of $10 000 (and you can too) –  that I am going to use the video of my EFT-Matrix Reimprinting colleague, Annette Vaillancourt – and borrow some benefits from her true story and EFT Tapping to prove I can apply tapping to manifest $10 000 in my life…soon and easily and joyously.

Care to join me?

Let’s prove EFT Tapping can manifest $10 000 in our lives!


Healing Addiction with EFT: Tapping World Summit 2015 with Ester Nicholson

by Caryl Westmore

Healing Addiction with EFT is a highly recommended topic on Day 7 of the Tapping World Summit with Ester Nicholson who went from crack cocaine addict to top singer and now author and coach for healing addiction.

Because we are all addicted to many more issues than just drugs or alcohol and healing addictions with EFT can help us reconnect with our soul  says Ester.

It begins with Ester Nicholson’s story – listen as she wanders the streets of LA at 4 a.m. to score cocaine, dragging her seven-year-old daughter in tow then later loses her daughter for negligence.





Hear how constant fear haunted her – even when well into her recovery and singing on stage at Madison Avenue with Rod Steward, Barbra Streisland and Bette Midler.

I still realized I carried deep unworthiness and shame.

Much of which she credits EFT Tapping for helping her release!

Today with 28 years of recovery behind her, Ester has transformed her life into a coach and speaking expert on healing dependence and dependence related conditions with addicts (of all persuasions).

Healing Addiction with EFT: Reconnect within

Her book SOUL RECOVERY (Hay House) – shares 12 ways to heal addiction – mainly with the message that we are already whole and just need to remember and reconnect as she tells Jessica Ortner today (Day 7, March 2, 2015) on the World Tapping Summit.

Says Ester on her website www.soulrecovery.org

You see, the reason that we obsess about a drug, a relationship, a job, or anything else, is that we have lost sight of the keys to our happiness. Through our life experience, we have “re-engineered” ourselves to believe that we are unworthy and incapable of being truly happy and truly fulfilled.

And that just isn’t true!

We are entitled to feel as whole as we really are, and I’ve discovered that there is actually something we can do about that.

EFT TAPPING is obviously highly valued as part of this process, as Ester Nicholson shares about Healing Addiction with EFT Tapping on the Tapping World Summit.

Soul Recovery incorporates the vital lessons I learned in the 12-Steps of recovery, “New Thought” universal spiritual concepts, and some practices of my own design, in order to provide a means of returning to wholeness, so that we can release some of the life-patterns that no longer serve us.

It’s about our freedom!

Says Ester on the Tapping Summit:

Foundation of all disease is based on the belief we are disconnected from our wholeness….Higher Power, Universal Presence…we are under the illusion that it is OUT THERE…disconnected from our own source…
In the purest essence of life – nothing is missing…impossible to be afraid…you power, brilliance, prosperity…transparent for this life..you are it... true recovery is re discovering the real YOU that you always were before you forgot.



We take a situation that is painful as an excuse to tell ourselves:

“I’m not lovable … not worthy of anything…”

Of course, the more you tell yourself that story … the more that becomes a reality in your subconscious so LOA (Law of Attraction) creates situations according to that belief.

For me, a great part of this Ester Nicholson Tapping Summit interview for healing addiction with EFT  is a script for POSITIVE EFT TAPPING towards the end.


I feel so worthy and empowered
I feel so good about myself
I feel so empowered and loved
I feel safe
I feel so amazing in this moment
I am an amazing being
I am whole, perfect and complete
I don’t need that story anymore
I release any false sense of shame
I feel absolutely amazing
I release any sense of unworthiness
I safe to step into my wholeness now
I step into my magnificence now
I am free from all addictions now
I am free
I am whole
I am complete
I am safe
I am wanted…loved…worthy…just because I am


Core wounds that are clothed as resentment…holding on to a disempowering story shows that we still carry core unhealed  wounds.

“It is like having one foot on the brake in your subconscious and one foot on the accelerator in your conscious mind,” says Ester.

The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson said resentment plagues more alcoholics than anything else.

And that’s true for ALL of us, says Ester to Jessica Ortner.

It stops you from praying, meditation…so justified in your story of hurt.

It’s not the actual event…but our perspective that keeps us in pain.

Healing Addiction with EFT delivers the gift of healing and self love…firstly we tell the story as we tap – saying the anger etc and releasing the energy behind that…and more earlier traumas behind that…which sets you free to get clear where the hurt came from…finally leading to true forgiveness.

I highly recommend you go listen now – because you will be inspired to let go and tap on one or more of your current addictions, no matter how mild…I know I have a few to let go…how about you?

Link again to hear this brilliant interview free today, March 2, 2015.



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