Louise Hay: EFT Tapping and Mirror work

by Caryl Westmore

Louise Hay EFT TappingYou can be 86 years old like Louise Hay, have sold 50 million copies of your first book, be a self-made success story – and still have “inner child” traumas causing you some bodily pain that EFT tapping can resolve!
How wonderful is that – that EFT Tapping can help release neck pain from a trauma that happened 80 years ago?

What if everyone you know who suffers pain – including your elder relatives who believe it’s just old age creeping up on them – could understand this?
Nick Ortner during the Tapping Summit of 2013 interviewed Louise Hay and did EFT Tapping with her.

It was beautiful to hear her talk about affirmations and mirror work and see her applying her own affirmations and telling her little five-year-old that she has a special angel who is with her and will always be with her.

Of course, this is very much what we do with Matrix Reimprinting – and in my humble opinion, how much more complete would that session have been with actually doing that work “in the matrix” and reimprinting a positive empowering memory and new beliefs for Louise’s five-year-old ECHO.

For me, who embraced EFT tapping 10 years ago in my work and life and previously (30 years ago) experienced much healing and forgiveness via Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life –  and also helped my mother before she died to apply Hay’s teachings to some grief she still held inside – this is a celebratory moment.

Do you realize that your childhood traumas never dissolve?  No matter how old you are…they run in your system subconsciously!

All we know is that EFT Tapping sends a calming signal to the brain and often in a tapping session FORGIVENESS happens.

In this video you can see Louise Hay demonstrating how she does mirror work.


Louise Hay suggests looking in the mirror and saying “I love and totally accept you” – it’s like you connect on a different level with your inner child.  Says Louise:

Those who do their affirmations with mirror work make much faster progress with healing than without.

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Written by Caryl Westmore

Caryl Westmore

Caryl Westmore’s mission is express her truth, creativity and joy as an author, writer and intuitive coach, training and helping others with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting to break free fast…to achieve their dreams and goals. She loves yoga, photography, painting, croquet and travel to beautiful places with her soul mate partner Nick.

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1 Abderrazak Lirathny 07.08.13 at 4:26 pm

Je crois bien en l’EFT, mais je ne sais pas s’il y a en Tunisie, des praticiens en la matière.
Comment je pourrais le savoir? Pourriez-vous le savoir ?

2 Caryl Westmore 07.13.13 at 9:19 am

Thanks for your comment Abderrazak – you can put “EFT Practitioner” + Tunisie into Google and do a search. If you have skype you can find thousands of EFT practitioners in any country who will work with you. Obviously you want someone French?

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